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Our Team

Our Team of Landscape Experts

Daniel Fischer


Daniel Fischer has owned and operated Daniel Fischer Landscape Nursery for 41 years. He’s been successful year after year delivering quality work and treating people fairly. He is talented, compassionate and dedicated to your satisfaction.



Tim is undoubtedly the hardest working man you will ever meet. He has been with Daniel Fischer Landscape Nursery for over 20 years. He is our foreman and an expert at trimming, planting and visualizing the landscape plans. Everyone compliments his work and requests that he return to do their house year after year.


Brick & Stone Mason

Alvin has been laying brick and stone since he was 14 years old. He worked after school and on the weekends as a young man and has developed into a talented brick and stone mason. Patios, walks, walls, mailboxes and specialty projects are all within his realm.



Francisco has worked with me now for six years and he can probably name every plant in your landscape. He is accomplished at digging and balling plants and has a keen eye for trimming. Many people mention to me that he has such a nice attitude and desire to please.